ICON-Communication Handler is the universal tool for time- and event-triggered automatic communication between client and server.
One example for its various applications is the integration in ICON-SCC where it is used to communicate stock data of all suppliers to the central ICON-SCC server - automatically and reliably.

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Features of the ICON-Communication Handler
  • Automation of your Communication
  • with external and internal suppliers, distributors and logistic service providers.

  • Extensive reporting functionality
  • Reports from ICON-SCC and other applications can be created, formatted and sent by e-mail in a few simple steps. Different layouts may automatically be chosen according to the report's recipient.

  • Date- and time-driven communication with other servers
  • The execution of tasks defined in ICON-Communication Handler can be controlled by date and time. Additionally there is the possibility to repeat tasks periodically.

  • Event-driven communication
  • With the functionality implemented in ICON-Communication Handler you are able to freely define sets of conditions which trigger the execution of pre-defined tasks. This enables you to solve your complex communication requirements in the most flexible way. These sets of conditions can be linked to each other and even be set dynamically by sending e-mail messages between different ICON-Communication Handlers.

  • File transfer with FTP
  • ICON-Communication Handler establishes the interface between your ERP-system and our products, for example ICON-SCC. With the use of FTP (file transfer protocol) any kind of file can easily be edited and sent, no matter on which server the documents actually reside. Besides it is possible to place dynamically generated reports on your web-server to make them accessible world-wide on the Internet.

  • Integrated database interface
  • Nearly all SQL statements available can also be executed by ICON-Communication Handler. Thereby ICON-Communication Handler multiplies the possible application areas of ICON-SCC in connection with an ICON-SCC database.

  • Execution of DOS batch files and TCL scripts
  • With the integrated editor it is possible to generate DOS batch files as well as TCL scripts and to execute them in ICON-Communication Handler. With this functionality your power to manipulate data before sending and after receiving is nearly unlimited.