Evaluating processes and pursuing the logistic fulfillment-process is one of the most important tasks on the way towards a customer centred supply chain. Only when you get to know the processes along the whole logistic chain you will be able to develop growth potentials. Like this the tightrope walk between customer satisfaction and low stock can be mastered.

click to enlarge ICON-BPMS is a powerful tool suited to your needs which analyzes all your operational data thus setting the basis for a continuous improvement of your processes. It supports you recording the data and analyzing it afterwards with the help of OLAP.

ICON-BPMS offers different views, aggregation/disaggregation, slice/dice. Up-to-date techniques make it possible to compare different decision units, for example distribution centres. With these functionalities ICON-BPMS provides the basis for an efficient improvement process. With the help of the ICON-BPMS web-portal the static and dynamic results are distributed well directed and user-specific - world-wide reporting is made possible.

A small selection of figures measured by ICON-BPMS
  • Measurement of your performance as a supplyer

    • What is the time gap between the delivery date you have promised to your customer and the actual delivery date?

    • How much time passes between receiving an order and shipping it?

  • Measurement of the preformance of your supplier

    • What is the time gap between the delivery date your supplyer has promised to you and the actual delivery date?

    • Does your supplyer acknowledge your orders within the appropriate timeframe?

    • Does your supplyer acknowledge the delivery date you have asked for?

    • Do VMI (Vendor-Managed-Inventory) supplyers meet the stock levels you have agreed on?

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  • Measurement of the performance of your forwarder

    • What is the time gap between anticipated and actual transportation time?

    • Does your forwarder communicate status-IDs like estimated arrival time?

    • Do the goods get damaged on transport?

  • Measurement of the performance of your Distribution Service Provider (DSP)

    • Does your DSP execute workorders completely and in time?

    • Does your DSP dispatch the goods correctly?