ICON-Supply Chain Control is the monitoring and alerting system to model and control multi-level supply chains. ICON-SCC integrates all the different ERP- and legacy-systems which may already be in use at your site. In connection with the ICON-Communication Handler ICON-SCC allows you to communicate automatically with all your supply chain partners.


With the ICON-Business Performance Measurement System you get the tool to generate and edit the figures which are vital to your supply chain. Delivery reliability, lead times, compliance to quality standards: ICON-BPMS gives you an overview on this and much more - everything only one mouseclick away.


ICON-Vendor Managed Inventory is the new generation VMI tool. It supports you in smoothing your demand curve and raising your service level.


ICON-Communication Handler ist your tool for the time- and event-triggered execution of your communication tasks. Together with ICON-SCC it ensures a smooth dialogue between you, your suppliers and your customers in the supply chain.