January 2005

Enicma closes 2004 with a positive result. Despite difficult conditions in economy more growth is planned

September 2004

Another customer (Automotive) starts successfully with a tailored EDI-Solution from Enicma - more Informations upon request

April 2004

Enicma takes part into the Integrated Project ECOLEAD of the European Community. The EC supports Research and Development of methods and tools to optimize processes in Networks. More Informations upon request or under www.ecolead.org

January 2004

Enicma gains 4 new customers - More Infos under info@enicma.com

December 2003

Article of Dr. U. Negretto: - The "Chines Whisper Game" in procurement or the transparent supply chain? - in DWC Deutsche WirtschaftsChronik 12/2003. 
Download Article (german)

August 2003

Introduction of ICON-SCC (Supply Chain Monitoring) for Ramp-Up management  in Automotive, High-Tech and Elektronic

July 2003

Integration of electronic Kanban in ICON-Vendor Managed Inventory. First time combination of both strategies over one single platfrom eliminating the typical drawbacks of the Kanban concept - More Infos under info@enicma.com

May 2003

ICON-SCC supports newest ODETTE - "Supply Chain Monitoring recommandation" (SCMo). Key prerequiste for interoperability - more infos under ODETTE SCMo 

April 2003

New ICON-Tools Customers in Automotive and Hightech - More Infos on request under info@enicma.com

March 2003

New Release ICON-SCC 4.0. Enhancements in Item structuring, interaction, upload and performance management.

February 2003

ENICMA support survey on "Status and trends in Supply Chain Management" at > 250 European enterprises. Summary available under info@enicma.com 

29. Jan 2003

Seminar: "Collaboration in the supply chain - What is the Value of transparent supply chains ?" 

October 2002

ICON-Vendor Managed Inventory: Extension of Key Functions and increase in user flexibility towards tailored product structures and simulation of demand-supply patterns

August 2002

Sanmina - one of the world's biggest manufacturers of PCs - decides to become a user of the ICON toolset.

June 2002

Release of ICON-SCC Version 3.0 featuring an enhanced view on product families and capacities and lots of other exiting new features.

April 17th 2002

Workshop "How much is a EURO?" - The value of information in the supply chain.

February 2002

Publication of the article "e-enabled Supply Chain in the automotive industry") in the journal "Supply Chain Management".
Download of the article. (in German, abstract in English)