Visualization, scheduling and monitoring of all demands and deliveries in supply chains with 1 to n levels.

Reduction of goods on stock and goods in transit by exact coordination of production and transports between the different levels

Fast and smooth connection to single companies and their IT-systems without altering the existing IT-infrastructure.

Easy access with a web-browser acting as a "window" to the supply- and distribution network.

Transparency of goods on stock and goods in transit.

Reduction of unscheduled "emergency actions" and associated expenses for extra shifts and express deliveries

Significantly smoother production flow

Reduction of scrap parts which are caused by delayed propagation of engeneering changes (up to 50% less scrap)

Reduction of routine work for the disponents - Exception based management

Low roll-out cost - short return on investment periods

Communication over a central information platform - prevention of time-consuming and error-prone one-to-one data exchange

Tracking- and Tracing - direct connection to supply and shipmant data of logistic service providers

Many automotive and high-tech companies already use the ICON-Toolset today