ENICMA provides you with innovative solutions for the management of company-internal and external supply chains. Our goal is to raise the flexibility and service level while simultaneously decreasing the cost for inventory and processes in single companies and whole networks.

Customers and suppliers communicate their demands and deliveries over a central communication platform. Therefore they are able to coordinate precisely the production and transports between the different steps of the supply chain. This kind of integration which is independent from company size and IT-infrastructure supports de-centralized decision processes and inter-company control loops which are essential for the successful collaboration of independent companies.

The product- and consulting-portfolio includes the areas of logistics and supply chain management and the rollout of Internet-based solutions for

  • Supply Chain Visualization (SCV)
  • Supply Chain Event Management (SCEM)
  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
These solutions can also be offered and used as an integral ASP-service according to customer needs.

The goal is to raise the revenue of our customers based on:
  • Rapid availability of decisive demand and supply data
  • Simple and intuitive access to relevant information
  • Transparence of stock, demand and supplies
  • Measurement, surveillance and automatic alerting of critical process parameters

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